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  • Just seen my song "Overexposure" titled "Over Exposer" brings a whole new meaning! *giggle giggle* 3 weeks ago


Monday 1st April, 2013

Have you downloaded Supermodel on iTunes? If you have, you will have already heard these sweet remixes by Kid Devil and Andy Robinson. If not, have a listen below and then buy at: (or search “Supermodel Harrison” on your favourite digital music retailer).

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Saturday 16th June, 2012

Gonna use these on some new clothing ideas! I think it looks amazing, it has a silver mirror effect (same as the necklaces available here: )

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Thursday 7th June, 2012

The video shoot went amazingly. We had 2 days of shooting and an incredible cast of people helping out – thank you to all of you who made this possible. Tomorrow the video is being graded, which is pretty much the final step in this production. You won’t be able to see the finished video until September, but I will make sure I supply you with some incredible photos and a “making-of” video to keep you entertained!

So, here’s photo number 1! One of my favourites from the shoot (taken by Owen Billcliffe

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Saturday 21st April, 2012

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Saturday 10th March, 2012

The next cover is happening tonight and it’s either gonna be Starry Eyed or Part of Me. Keep an eye out on @Lindamusic and the Facebook Page because I might live stream it.

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Friday 2nd March, 2012

I love this. Florrie:

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Wednesday 8th February, 2012

I don’t understand all the drama today surrounding Karl Lagerfeld’s comments on Adele.

This is what he said about her: She is a little too fat, but she has a beautiful face and a divine voice.

People need to move on. He only stated the facts – she DOES have a beautiful face, DOES have a divine voice and IS a little over-weight.

Story over.

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Saturday 4th February, 2012

I am in transition to Pale Blue, stopping at TIGERrrrrrr for now.

Back in the day, when we were talking of name changes, my buddy Sami suggested something to do with a lion because he thought my performances were rather lion-like. I would love it if you guys gave me some stage names to do with tigers! Just for kicks.

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Friday 3rd February, 2012

I’ve gone orange! Getting my stripes on Saturday morning. Hope y’all like it!

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Tuesday 24th January, 2012

Photo taken from Plum For Polly

Not sure about the price-tag ($175), but quite liking these Jeffrey Campbell shoes. Reckon they’d look wicked on stage!

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